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Helping Nature Fill the Ecological Opportunity

See @carbon_farmers for ongoing work


Natural Regeneration

By carefully managing deer numbers and suppressing invasive species, the natural seed sources - mainly Birch and Oak - are prevailing and naturally-occurring trees are now regenerating across the site


Removing Conifer and Invasive Species

By removing areas of conifer and invasive species  - gorse, broom and sycamore - we expose ancient oak stools and naturally-occurring seed sources for regeneration and create areas for planting and enriching with new trees


Maintaining Ancient Woodland

The existing, established, native woodland also requires management.  Removing the odd conifer and enabling regeneration


Tree Planting

We've planted over 22,000 new trees.  Oak, Birch, Rowan, Hazel, Hawthorne, Holly, Aspen, Wild Cherry and Alder

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